The Trading Tortoise is a traveling art project created by Souther Salazar & Monica Choy with the goal of creating a unique community experience while exploring America through objects and stories. Salazar & Choy have created a sculptural installation (in the form of a large tortoise-shaped trading post) that they set up in different towns and cities throughout the nation.

How it Works:
1. Bring us something special that you’re willing to trade.

2. Fill out a tag (we will have them out near the Tortoise) with your name, location, and as much info about your trade as possible (leave the number blank).

3. Sit down and trade with us! Tell us about your object you brought: where did you find it? did you make it? what’s the story behind it? We will present a few different options for you to choose from. We will do our best to connect you with something we think you might appreciate. (If you decide you would rather keep the item you brought, that is always totally OK too)

4. Track your trade online. We will assign a number to your item that will allow you to see where it eventually finds its new home.

What is OK to trade:

Anything that you think is special and carries some story or meaning along with it. It could be a found object, a childhood possession, a handmade creation, a story, a drawing, etc.

What is not OK:

Anything living
Anything perishable
Anything illegal
Anything extremely fragile without a container
Anything extremely large or bulky (shoebox size or smaller is preferable, our storage space is limited!)
Garbage from the bottom of your purse or backpack.

Extra Notes:

We can only accommodate up to 50 trades per stop, so come early! You are welcome to bring more items to barter with others, but please only 1 trade per person with the Trading Tortoise. Thanks!

We look forward to trading with you!